Focus Areas

My specialties— the areas in which I have the most expertise and passion— include:



A primary focus of my practice is sexual trauma and the various other forms of trauma commonly experienced by those who identify as women. I am also passionate about helping people overcome trauma related to natural disasters (e.g., wildfires), military service (e.g., combat, moral injury), childhood abuse, domestic violence, assault, and emotional or spiritual abuse.


I treat issues relating to emotional-eating/stress-eating, binge eating disorder, and bulimia nervosa. I also work with those recovering from (or with symptoms of) anorexia nervosa who are medically stable. My work in eating disorders/body image overlaps heavily with my work in health behavior change. Our unhealthy behavioral patterns are almost always an attempt to cope with or completely dissolve some uncomfortable emotion. Together, we can develop awareness of your triggers, identify some alternatives, and help you break out of the “coping rut.”


Symptoms of anxiety and stress include excessive and uncontrollable worry, frequent muscle tension, avoidance, and more. In addition to treating general anxiety and stress, I work with people struggling with social anxiety, specific phobias, and panic disorder. I use an exposure-based CBT model, as this is by far the most effective approach.



I work with those struggling with a new diagnosis, symptoms, and/or treatment of a chronic illness. Pain management may be an important part of this work, and there are some effective strategies that can take the edge off, including for those desiring to decrease their reliance on opioids. Body image and intimacy/sexuality concerns may also be prominent, particularly in light of the havoc that some treatments can wreak on the body. You may also be dealing with some emotional challenges. It’s normal to feel some relatively new or intense emotions, and this can certainly impact your intimate relationships.


I specialize in weight loss and smoking cessation. My approach to health behavior change is cognitive-behavioral and highly effective. In addition, I provide ongoing therapy for those in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction, as well as those trying to reduce their reliance on opioids.

Aging, death & dying

Existential dread versus peace is another important issue for those coping with chronic illness and/or the natural aging process. Our personal frailness and the inevitability of death can be terrifying. We humans are both blessed and cursed with the cognizance of our own mortality. On the “blessed” side of things, real peace can be achieved via working through past regrets, coming to terms with unfulfilled expectations, and working toward establishing true meaning and legacy.